Chinatown in Manchester

chinatownChinatown in Manchester City Centre is the second largest Chinese community in Britain and it’s actually the third largest in Europe! Centred around Faulkner Street, Chinatown really started to emerge in the 1970s.  It then was developed into the main cultural hub for all the Chinese families in the north of England.

Manchester’s Chinatown covers a small area of Manchester’s city centre. Its boundaries form a rectangle, (see diagram) with by Mosley Street to the west, Portland Street to the east, Princess Street to the south, and Charlotte Street to the north. These boundaries aren’t actually official and some maps extend Manchester’s Chinatown further south to Oxford Street. To the east is the city’s gay village, centred on Canal Street, and to the north lies Piccadilly Gardens. Being in the city centre, the area is entirely urbanised. Unlike Manchester city centre as a whole, Chinatown’s streets appear largely in a grid plan.

Chinatown in Manchester is now famed for its restaurants, grocery shops and bakeries as well as Chinese New Year celebrations which attract thousands of visitors to Manchester every year. In 1987 an impressive archway – a gift from China – was built.

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