Celebrating the year of the Rooster with Terracotta Warrior Lanterns

Chinese Terracotta Warrior Lanterns are coming to Manchester’s Exchange Square this month as part of the City’s Chinese New Year celebrations.

The Lanterns will be making their first appearance in the UK in an event that has been organised by the Heart of Manchester BID along with the Federation of Chinese Associations of Manchester, Manchester City Council and the Confucius Institute.

Inspired by the the famous ‘terracotta army’ accidentally uncovered in 1974 in the tomb of China’s First Emperor and widely regarded as the 8th Wonder of the Ancient World, artist Xia Nan’s brightly coloured lanterns, which stand at more than two metres tall, bring together two key features of Chinese art and culture – the compelling story of the Terracotta Army alongside the 2000 year old tradition of lantern-making. ‘The Lanterns of the Terracotta Warriors’ are accurate replicas of the original 8,000-strong army of clay warriors, with the addition of women and children to represent inheritance and future.

The Lanterns have previously appeared at Sydney Harbour, Central Square in Zagreb and Hradcany Castle in Prague after they were first commissioned for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

More than 6,000 traditional red lanterns will adorn the city’s streets alongside a 15-meter tall Golden Dragon spectacle, with light shows and firework displays, Chinese and Asian food villages, live music and traditional performances and a host of citywide family events as part of the Chinese New Year celebrations.